Total Input Elite

Go wireless and stay in control

This application is a remote control for your PC. Leave your keyboard and mouse on the desk, because Total Input replaces them both and can do much more.

Design custom Control Themes for your TV, CD or DVD applications or use it for presentation applications like PowerPoint. Share your themes with others or download amazing themes from the growing themes list for various software products.


  • Touch Pad Mouse with scroll buttons
  • Left mouse click directly via touch pad
  • Extended keyboard with most useful control buttons including F1 - F12 buttons
  • Support of 'block recognizer', 'letter recognizer' and 'transcriber'
  • Support of wired and wireless connections.
  • The Theme Designer allows you create your own controls like a remote control for your TV, CD or DVD player desktop applications and more. Create your own presentation control themes that help you with your business.
  • Change your Total Input look with customizable wallpapers

Comprehensive control application for your Pocket PC.

Total Input Elite


Total Input Elite 2.0.6